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  • Simple Investment Strategy
    One participate asks for help, another one helps.
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    Choose to help a participate at your comfort with any amount.
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    We've got your back covered. No Fear, No Loss!

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Take out time to read through our website. Ensure you understand what you are required to do. You become a participant by registering FREE on our website. Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section

Login to your PO

Login to your account known as Personal Office with the login details you registered with. In the users dashboard area, you have the opportunity to see couple other transactions you can do.

Help Someone

Indicate your willingness to donate ("Provide Help") to someone in need, after which your account will be rewarded with the same amount you pledged.

Get rewarded

Your money will start growing from the moment you declare willingness to help someone at the rate of 12% per week with other bonuses. This sum shows how much you can request for yourself after a week of making the pledge and paying out to the receiving participant.


Our system is protected with a top-notch 2048 industry standard digital signature which guarantees the highest possible encryption level for every of your online transactions. The security, confidence and trust you expect is guaranteed.


Everything is very simple: One participant asks for help – another one helps. The only thing that IndexBaseHub demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. When you request to give help you make sure the money is readily available and when you request to get help it will be granted.


Our powerful, cloud hosting platform implements all the security details needed for today's online social financial programs. You stay focused on your giving and receiving HELP while we take care of the security details.